Private Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Are you concerned about your child’s speech, feeding or communication skills and don’t know where to turn? Please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you.

Hi, I’m Sonja McGeachie

I’m an Independent Speech and Language Therapist based in London with over 25 years experience helping babies and children with developmental delay and complex needs overcome speech, language, and feeding challenges.

How I can help you 

I offer structured and bespoke assessments, practical and personalised support, advice, training and consultancy in response to your child’s speech and language needs.

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Speech and Oral Motor Difficulties

If your child has trouble controlling lips, tongue or jaw muscles — from talking to eating or sipping from a straw —, these are tough skills to master and I can help your child develop these skills. Your little one has a lisp or a ‘funny r-sound’? With a little time and practice we can make  it better!

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Developmental Delay

Is your child late in talking and struggling to communicate or making friends? Maybe he or she is not able to tell you their needs without a tantrum and tears? Perhaps your little one doesn’t speak at all or he/she repeats words or sentences you say? I am able to clarify for you what the issues are, what might be causing them and how to help you help your child.

CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech) – working with Visual cues (pictures and hand gestures) to help my student perfect his CH sound


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