Book Corner: Poke-A-Dot! Old Macdonald’s Farm

Book Corner: Poke-A-Dot! Old Macdonald’s Farm

Introducing the Poke-A-Dot Series of books by and available on and many bookstores – I love this book and it is one of the most used books on my book shelf. Since I bought this one some years ago several others have been published including Two other Nursery rhymes: Wheel-on-the-bus and 10 little monkeys.

Different topics: Ocean animals, first words, a ‘good night animals bedtime story” and various others. They are ALL GREAT! I don’t have a preference but since I only own the Farm Animals below I thought I would talk you trough that one.

What it is about:

It centres on the nursery song of “Old Mac Donald has a farm” and goes through 10 farm animals (10 cows, 9 pigs, 8 chickens, 7 sheep, 6 ducks, 5 horses, 4 goats, 3 kittens, 2 dogs and 1 rooster). Each page has corresponding Poppers for every animal on the page which invite your child to practice pointing and popping with their index finger. They pop quite loudly which is the whole point after all and thus they provide a much better pop than, say, a bubble-wrap pop.

What I love about this book apart from the obvious pop-pop-popping are the very sturdy, thick hard board pages it is made up of. This book is pretty indestructible and believe me some have tried!! The down side is that it’s quite heavy and not one to have in your travelling toy bag – though if you are taking your little one on a long-haul flight you might just find it invaluable and worth the extra kilo it weighs (I did actually put it on my kitchen scales and it does weigh a hefty 1.1 kg! Something to consider).

But at home, on your book shelf, it’s a really good find and of course you might want to opt for any of the other editions depending on what your little one is into – or have them all! Why not!

What this book is great for:

Developmental Age

2-6 years. It says 3-6 yrs. on the cover but I have shown it to younger children with developmental and speech delays and it has never not been at least looked at with interest – the popping with child’s finger might come a little later, but until then an adult can pop and poke with good effect!

Explore these themes:

  • Nursery song of Old Mac Donalds
  • Farm animals
  • Actions: poke/pop/push/turn/eat/roll/play/swim/run/bark/pull/peck
  • Words/sounds: animal noises and animal names plus farmer/mud/water/stable/hay
  • Cause and effect: point and pop
  • Places : farm/lake/meadow/stable/field/mud

Develop Speech Sounds, particularly good for:

  • /b/ – baa
  • /m/ -moo/ meow
  • /p/ – pig, pop/push/pull/peck
  • /sh/ – sheep
  • /k-c/ – cow/ quack/cluck/duck


  • colours
  • numbers
  • prepositions (in/into/on/ inside/outside)

Published By:

Innovative Kids

ISBN: 978-1-60169-024-1

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