Learn why ‘watchful waiting’ isn’t the answer

As a Speech and Language Therapist, I am a big advocate of early intervention. And I’m always encouraging you (as parents and carers) to seek intervention as early as possible. But you might be thinking, “my child just needs more time.” Have you ever wondered why early intervention is important? Read on to learn more.

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Watchful waiting is not the answer

Early intervention

By intervening at a later age or stage of development, you may be leading your child to develop consequences as a result. One consequence can be challenging behaviour due to their inability to express their wants and needs. They may have difficulty in understanding and following directions. This will not only affect their ability in the classroom but also socially, maintaining friendships. Early intervention can support understanding. This can also help you support your child in breaking down activities so they can fully take part in home and school life. The Early Intervention Foundation (2021) suggest that providing early intervention can develop a young person’s strengths. You can use these activities to support their needs which creates better outcome measures. This allows young people to reach their full potential across a range of settings. It can positively impact on mental health and self-esteem.n

Positive outcomes

Also, we are protecting our young people from harmful situations by giving them a voice. And by giving them a voice, they are:

  • more likely to achieve and
  • less likely to have in negative experiences such as crime and with the justice system.

We know that social and emotional skills (such as developing self-awareness, social skills, and emotional regulation) are crucial to a young person’s development. Research has found that children with a higher level of social and emotional skills are more likely to:

  • achieve in education,
  • graduate from university,
  • have career prospects,
  • have positive work and family relationships,n
  • maintain good mental and physical health.

By having these positive aspects in their lives, they are less likely to engage in antisocial behaviour and related crime. It’s easy to think this feels like a long way off for your family. But by giving them the best possible start, you are promoting a positive future in all aspects of their life.

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