Target Activities and Games

Target Activities and Games For Kids
Target Activities and Games For Kids

Target Activities and Games

AMAZINGLY EASY Activities that we can do at home and in the clinic to help our children practise those targets!

I bet you have wondered what amazing things are done by a therapist in the clinic that you could not possibly do at home…? Well, if so I am here to tell you that you will be absolutely fine with just a few select toys and games and you will be able to get those targets done in a jiffy!

What we clinicians do very well and what you probably can’t do yourself is formulate and design the targets that are important for your child to practice. Once we have assessed or reviewed your child’s progress and needs we can then design the perfect next step of targets for you.

So for example, we have decided your little one needs to be practicing their ‘r’ sounds at the beginning of short words. We decided that based on our clinical expertise and our assessment and we have already worked with your child and managed to get this tricky ‘r’ sound just about right on its own. Now we are ready for short word practice.

It has been researched that in order for the brain pathways to re-shape or reform we need to get about 100 words in per day of our target sound. That sounds like quite a lot, right? But actually….. it’s not that bad. After all you only need to say 5-7 words about 20 times and hey presto that’s about 80-100 words.

So here are some simple games I use in my clinic all the time and these games are easily available online or in your local toy shops and this is how to do them:

Pop the Pirate

Pop the Pirate, sooo good and popular:

Lay out your target words which you will have been given by your speech therapist and put a few swords on each word.

Each time your child picks up a sword they will need to say the target word 5 x, like:

rip rip rip rip rip or run run run run run just like that in a row, bish bash bosh.

Then they can stick the sword into the barrel. Onto the next sword which they can pick and then again

race race race race race and stick in another sword

So with this little lot I put out 5 target words and 3 swords on each.

You will therefore get…… 15 words per picture, and that makes….75 words , there that is nearly all you need to do.

If you then do another little game like this one:

Magnetic board game

This is a Magnetic Board game, and they are suddenly EVERYWHERE. But you could also just take a baking sheet and some fridge magnet you might have kicking about.

Same principle as before, but now since this is your SECOND game of the day and you have already got 75 targets under your belt you only need to do one more round of 5 target words each:

Each time your child picks up a magnet piece they will say the target word 5 more times:

Ray ray ray ray ray and DONE you will now at the end of this short round have 105!! target words done with just two little fun games.

How good is this? Your child won’t hardly notice that they are in fact doing their speech therapy homework.

You’re welcome 🙂

Get in touch if you would like me to help finding good targets for your child to work on. They can be speech and/or language targets with this game method.

Find a speech and language therapist for your child in London. Are you concerned about your child’s speech, feeding or communication skills and don’t know where to turn? Please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you or visit my services page.

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