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Why Imitation is so Important

Why imitation is so important and how can speech and language therapy help children who struggle to imitate? Imitation or copying starts in early infancy. When we observe a young baby and his parent or familiar adult we can see…

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Target Activities and Games

Target Activities and Games For Kids Target Activities and Games AMAZINGLY EASY Activities that we can do at home and in the clinic to help our children practise those targets! I bet you have wondered what amazing things are done…

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My Child Is Not Speaking Yet What Can I Do?

My Child Is Not Speaking Yet What Can I Do? SIMPLE SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY TIPS you can try out at home in daily life! So many new referrals come to me from parents of toddlers saying help, my little…

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Language Development

Language Development Books, Stories And Colourful Semantics Many of my students have difficulties telling stories. When looking at a book together, even books they love and have seen many times, they often struggle to understand what they are reading and…

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Speech Sound Disorders

Speech Sound Disorders Treatment Approaches – A Typical Session There are various great ways to treat speech sound disorders and I use all the approaches available selectively; I decide what works with each individual child and I also vary the…

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