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Story Time

Published by: Ladybird – ISBN: 978-0-72327-169-7 Here’s another great little find – I use this book a lot. Whether or not your little one is a Peppa fan, this is a delightful find for any toddler or younger child trying…

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Joint Attention For Children With Autism

Why is joint engagement important for communication development? It has been well-documented that the development of joint attention is impaired in children who have social communication difficulties or autism. It is, in fact, this impairment which distinguishes children with ASD…

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Does your child say “Dough” instead of “Go”? Or “Tea” instead of “Key”? Do you hear a /Sh/ instead of an /S/ does “see” sound more like “she”? We Speechies call this a Fronting Pattern which means that a sound…

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Two adults and two children. The man, on the right, holds a book and one child points to it. The woman, on the left, holds up a baby.

Reading Recommendations

What a lovely picture you are probably thinking, a dad reading to his child, perfect! hmmmm… yes and no! Let me expand. It is of course lovely reading a book to your toddler and the more often you do, the…

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