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Happy child being fed

Transforming Mealtimes

Transforming Mealtimes Below are two reviews I got from grateful clients over the past 4-6 weeks; this blog is more about how Feeding Therapy can help you than blowing my own trumpet…. though that said, it is always so nice…

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A child sitting surrounded by toys.

Toy Rotation – A Good Idea?

Here is a very commonquestion/request that I get from most parentsI see: ‘Help! My childhas lots of toys!In fact we have so many toys we couldopen a shop but , alas, he/shedoesn’t play with anything for longer than a minute,…

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Sonja is kneeling on a multicoloured carpet holding a bucket in one hand and a toy in the other

Attention Autism Therapy

“Attention Autism” is an amazing Early Years Intervention designed by Gina Davies based on her many years of working with children on the autism spectrum.
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Correcting A Lisp

This is a surprisingly common speech error and it can be corrected really well in my experience. I have helped lots of children of all ages learn how to control their tongue movements and produce clear, sharp /s/ sounds and…

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Book Corner: Poke-A-Dot! Old Macdonald’s Farm

Introducing the Poke-A-Dot Series of books by and available on and many bookstores – I love this book and it is one of the most used books on my book shelf. Since I bought this one some years…

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